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Fredliga protester bemöts med våld – uttalande från IKFF Sudan

IKFF Sudan arbetar just nu med att samordna kvinnor som deltar i de fredliga protesterna, samt dokumenterar händelseförloppet i landets huvudstad Khartoum. Kvinnor utgör en majoritet av demonstranterna och finns representerade i alla delar av det folkliga och fredliga upproret. Med anledning av de brutala händelserna i landet har IKFF Sudan (WILPF Sudan) skrivit ett uttalande som de delat med oss för spridning.

Denna bild på Alaa Saleh har kommit att symbolisera de folkliga protesterna i Sudan.

WILPF Sudan calls for action

On June 3, 2019, a massacre was committed in Khartoum by Janjaweed (Rapid Support Force, RSF) together with their partners in the ”Transitional Military Council”. An indiscriminate and brutal slaughter occurred where more than 150 protestors were killed immediately, some burned and other thrown in the water of the Nile. Hundreds were wounded and thousands are still missing, and in addition to this, a large number of rapes have been committed. This is all a planned attack by the RSF, NISS, People’s Police Militia, People’s Security Militia, Defense Militia and Student Security Militia, who made up a force of 10,000. The force had support from the militia of the fundamentalists Mohamed Gozoly and Abdelhai Yousif. Army and police personnel are currently in detention for refusing to shoot at protesters, and some of them were killed as a consequence of disobedience.

Sudanese people are witnessing the horrific and barbaric actions by Janjaweed and their partners in the Transitional Military Council, believed to be directed by the former regime of Omer Al-Bashir.

The senseless killing of protestors must be stopped immediately, and those responsible for the bloodbath at Janjaweed and the Transitional Military Council, including at command level, must be held fully accountable for their dreadful actions.

On June 9, 2019, Sudanese people, led by Alliance of Freedom and Change, started comprehensive striking, including the general and private sectors. The Transitional Military Council and leaders of Janjaweed threatened people and forced them to return to work, preventing them from practicing their legal rights.

The African Union, US, France, Germany, Netherlands and many other states as well as regional and international institutions refused to acknowledge the Transitional Military Council. However, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have recognized and are supporting Janjaweed and the Transitional Military Council. We therefore call upon the governments of these countries to stop helping Janjaweed in their killing and abuses of Sudanese people.

We call also upon the EU to immediately suspend the ”Khartoum Process”. The Khartoum Process is a program funded by the EU since November 2014 to prevent illegal migration from the Horn of Africa to Europe. This program has strengthened the Janjaweed militia and encouraged them to act freely outside the law. Instead the support must be shifted to a future democratic government in Sudan.

At this point we call upon you to classify the Rapid Support Forces, the nickname of the Janjaweed militia, as a terrorist organization due to their dreadful actions, illegal behavior and human rights abuses. The Sudanese people at this moment have specific demands stated in The Declaration of Freedom and Change. The required steps to sustain peace in Sudan begin with:

  • An immediate transfer of power to a transitional civilian government to govern for a three-year term, followed by elections.
  • The dissolution of Bashir’s National Congress Party, with its top leaders brought to justice – including the ousted president.
  • The confiscation of NCP properties.
  • The reinstatement of the country’s 2005 constitution, which the military council suspended shortly after ousting Mr. Bashir.
  • The liberation of all civilians detained in relation to the protest movement, as well as army and police personnel in detention for refusing to shoot at protesters.


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