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Uttalande: vi fördömer militärens övertagande i Sudan

Vi står i solidaritet med vår systersektion i Sudan och ställer oss bakom kraven i nedan uttalande från IKFF Afrika.

As WILPF’s African Regional Representative, on behalf of all African sections and the organisation as a whole, I express my deepest concern for our sisters in Sudan at this time. We see and denounce the military’s takeover of the Sudanese transitional government, the imposed state of emergency, the detentions of activists and political leaders, and the violence against civilians. We also see and salute the courage of the people – determined youth, women and civil society activists among them – who remain defiant, organised and clear in their demands for democracy, freedom and inclusive governance.

Hear and amplify the message from our sisters in WILPF Sudan: 

We condemn the military coup.

We refuse any call to replace civilians with military power.

We condemn the shooting of peaceful protesters; RSF and militia forces are in the streets targeting and attacking civilians.

We condemn the targeting of student residents of Khartoum university, exposing young women to physical and sexual violence and armed robbery.

We condemn the attacks on peaceful protesters in the city of Omdurman by the SLM-Minni Minnawi faction, peace agreement signatories.

We condemn the deliberate targeting of civilians and cities, and remind all factions that these are considered crimes under International Humanitarian Law and violations of human rights, which must be investigated and prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Läs hela uttalandet här.

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