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The PeaceWomen Programme was founded by WILPF in 2000 to work on ensuring women’s rights and participation are not disregarded in international peace and security efforts. PeaceWomen monitor, inform and advocate for women’s rights and participation in conflict situations and to promote gender analysis in conflict prevention. Based in the New York Office of WILPF, PeaceWomen facilitates monitoring of the United Nations (UN) system, with a particular focus on the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda. The “Women, Peace and Security” agenda includes implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions (SCR 1325, 1820, 1888, 1889 and 1960) which contain commitments of international community on this agenda. PeaceWomen advocates for full implementation of these resolutions to prevent conflict, to advance women’s rights in conflict and post-conflict situations and to promote an integrated approach that connects Women, Peace and Security to disarmament, human rights and other thematic issues. PeaceWomen.org provides the only comprehensive online information source on Women, Peace and Security, which promotes transparency and information sharing.Visit PeaceWoman