Disarmament – Feminist Perspectives on Peace Policies and Security

Together with its worldwide network of activists, PeaceWomen Across the Globe is launching a series of workshops on feminist peace policy, disarmament and demilitarization. The first, taking place 6 March 2021, focuses on the Global North’s responsibility in matters of disarmament and security. At the online workshop “The responsibilities of European states” experts will discuss the background, the logic and the consequences of selected European states’ pursuit of a militarized security policy with an intergenerational postcolonial perspective. 

European states share the responsibility for the world’s armed conflicts through their arms industries, their trade in war material, the militarized control of civilian spaces and their high-tech regulation of borders. Yet, too often they shirk accountability for the consequences of armed conflicts for civilian populations. This series of workshops provides the space for feminist peace activists to share their experiences and points of view and to discuss how to achieve a gender-just peace and gender-sensitive security concepts. Please visit our Facebook page and website for further information. 

Welcoming Remarks: Ruth Gaby Vermot, Co-President PWAG

Katrin Geyer, Researcher, Associate of Reaching Critical Will, WILPF
Marieke Fröhlich, Research Associate, University of Applied Sciences Rhine-Waal, Germany
Gabriella Irsten, Policy and Advocacy Officer, WILPF Sweden
Nora Miralles, President, Centro Delàs d’Estudi per la Pau, Spain
Patrizia Sterpetti, Journalist, President WILPF Italia
Priska Seiler Graf, Member of Parliament (Social Democratic Party) and of the parliamentary Security Policy Commission, Switzerland
Marionna Schlatter, Member of Parliament (Green Party) and of the parliamentary Security Policy Commission, Switzerland

Moderators: Heidi Meinzolt, Europe Regional Representative, WILPF
Annemarie Sancar, network and programme manager, PWAG

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