Webinar: multidimensional Insecurity in Yemen & Libya

Women were active agents of change and mobilisation in the uprisings that swept across Libya and Yemen. However, as the uprisings metastasised into militarised crises, women in these countries are facing similar and ever-growing levels of insecurity and violence, and share the same disappointment in the rapidly shifting global political landscape that permitted destructive economy of wars to prevail over sustainable peace and the rule of law.

WILPF, in close partnership with its partners in Libya and Yemen, is conducting an analytical study based on local consultations with women leaders, activists, and IDPs. The study aims at reflecting on women’s perspectives on what life is like under a doctrine of “endless war”

Join this webinar to hear the Libyan and Yemeni women experts share the multidimensional insecurity concerns in both countries, and analyze the preliminary findings of the study!

Rasha Jarhum, Yemeni Social Researcher
Inas Miloud, Libyan Activist, Together We Build It Organization
Lina Salim, Yemeni Activist and Director of President of TOBE Foundation

Datum: 23 mars

Kl: 13-14

Plats: online via din dator

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