Global feminist cooperation during a pandemic – WILPF African regional conference 2020


Last year, the Beijing Platform for Action turned 25 years and it was 20 years since the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 was adopted. But instead of a global anniversary for gender equality, we saw a backlash for women’s rights and global security. In the light of global rearmament contributing to increased tension, anti-feminist movements growing stronger, the democratic space shrinking, and threats to women’s activists rising, we stress the importance of human security, conflict prevention, and a progressive realization of the agenda for women, peace and security.

This report has sprung from the annual WILPF Africa regional conference in 2020 and gives some examples of the work done in the region. It also contains the statement conducted by 18 WILPF Sections and Groups on common challenges, critical areas for change, and ways forward.

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