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Se seminariet i efterhand: Ending the era of militarism, protecting the planet (and why we need feminism to get there)


Se seminariet i efterhand på Stockholm+50 Coalitions Youtubekanal. Samtalet börjar 5 h och 3 minuter in i sändningen.

Why is militarism one of the key obstacles to achieving a healthy planet and prosperity for all? This thought-provoking event, moderated by feminist environmentalist Joni Saeger, seeks to address this question through personal stories by feminist activists from Cameroon, Colombia, Sweden, and Zimbabwe.

Set to take place at the People’s Forum in Stockholm, panelists will each share a short story from their own context. While the women are from different regions of the world, their stories have one thing in common: Each story exposes the links between the military, militarism as a pattern, and environmental degradation – and points to feminist solutions.

These rich narratives will offer the audience captivating insights into the real security threat for planet and people: Dependence on militarised security and the exploitative capitalism that both protects and promotes militarism.

Moderator: Joni Saeger, feminist environmentalist and Professor at Bentley University

Sylvie Ndongmo, Founder, WILPF Cameroon (IKFF)
Edwick Madzimure, President, WILPF Zimbabwe (IKFF)
Diana Salcedo, Director, WILPF Colombia (IKFF)
Lina Hjärtström, Policy and Advocacy Director, WILPF Sweden (IKFF)

WILPF International Secretariat; WILPF Sweden (IKFF); Bentley University; Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative


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