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Paris: krig är inte vägen till fred

They will commit to the continued attack on ISIS. Ironic as all of the belligerent leaders have said at one point or another that air strikes only strengthens their appeal. Will it stop bombings in Europe, make Washington (next stated target) safe? Of course not.

Many states are now cutting aid budgets and channeling it to fund refugees. Norway has stopped all funding for work on Women Peace and Security — work which has been empirically proven to make a difference to attaining sustainable peace. Who and how can this vital work be done without funding? And not to forget that this money is miniscule in comparison to what is spent on our military machines. The defense budgets for last year alone was 1.677 trillion dollars, enough to have fulfilled ALL of the millennium development goals several times over. Would we be in this situation if we had chosen that route instead of militarization?

Vår internationella generalsekreterare Madeleine Rees skriver på Huffington Post om attackerna i Paris, militarisering och vägen till fred. Läs hela artikeln här.

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