On the eve of the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, we are witnessing horrific scenes of relentless shelling by Israel of civilian buildings and neighbourhoods in Gaza, the rise of settler violence terrorising unarmed peaceful Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem, and the targeting of Palestinians in Lod, Haifa, and elsewhere by mobs. This is the reality of Israeli policy towards Occupied Palestine and it must be addressed. Israeli authorities must be held accountable for their continuous efforts to use all means, including violence, to ethnically cleanse entire neighbourhoods of their residents.

WILPF is in solidarity with the Palestinian people in face of the violent systematic settler colonial policies in effect and apartheid system founded on land theft, violence, and the denial of  basic human rights. We support the residents of Sheikh Jarrah who are defending their homes and resisting illegal forced displacement and  ethnic cleansing in occupied East Jerusalem.

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